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Online Presence

promotance harnesses the power of the internet to to make people familiar with your name and your music.

Promotance Publicists Online Presence Marketing and Promotion

Marketing and Promotion

promotance helps musicians get media attention for their tour, performance, latest release or video.


making you known

promotance are publicists, specialising in music.

We represent emerging artists and more established artists distinguished by a professional approach and an ambition to touch hearts and gain fans.

We are in tune with the industry's needs and have strong connections with the leading international platforms.

We are experienced in managing and creating efficient social media outlet. Our Partner agency TUZONGO Web Design provides individual website solutions.

That's why why our clients chose to work with us and the media like to hear from us.

promotance will review each artist's individual needs and agree a fair payment schedule depending on their goals and time frame. Our fee structure is offered as a guide only.

Promotance Publicists - Who we are



Social Media Manager

I specialise in Social Media, Online Marketing and Promotion. I also carry out Event Management for organisations in the music industry.


Web Designer

TUZONGO Web Design is led by me. Every project gets a personal touch. I care about your business and want it to succeed as much as you do.